Cut the Cook Time in Half

There are a couple of reasons why we use this tip in our cooks, regularly:

1. It cuts the cook time down by a little less than half, which lets us spend more time enjoying our company and some frosty beverages than monitoring temperatures and the always nerve-wracking stall! We have a tip about powering through that too, called the Texas Crutch.

2. It adds a significant amount of bark to our final product because of the increased surface area. And we love us some bark!

The Tip:

First, take the shoulder out of the cryovac and turn it over (fat cap down). IMG_1088Next, observing the bone, there will be a natural place where the muscle wants to separate. Begin cutting down that fat line (one side will have the bone and one side won’t… this is what you want.)


Continue cutting until you have two similarly sized pieces of your Pork.

IMG_1091Now, when you are ready to cook, you simply use your temp probe on the larger piece since it will be done later.

Let us know how this works for you in the comments!

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