Jalapeño Lime Slaw

Side Dishes! One could argue they are as important as the main course of succulent smoked meat (that’s the only thing you serve, right!?!?) This little guy right here is super easy! It’s an oil-based slaw (opposed to a creamy slaw) with… you guessed it, Lime Juice and Jalapeños, we also throw in some Cilantro and Onions for good measure! It’s the perfect compliment to a good Smokey Pulled Pork!

Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Fridge Time: 1 Hour
Total Time: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes

Keep reading for the delicious details on this versatile side!

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Guest Recipe: How To Boil Crawfish Like A Pro

Meet Our Guest:

Kevin “Bah Buh Cue” Weber

Currently he hails from the great state of Mississippi, but he grew up a True Blue Ragin’ Cajun right outside of New Orleans (I believe it’s pronounced “naw-lin’s” if he taught me correctly.) Kevin knows a thing or two about Crawfish and Cookin’ (he has a grill company named after him for goodness sake!).  I asked him to gives us his Crawfish Boil recipe and he delivered! I’ve had his and plenty of other crawfish, and his are the best I’ve had! Well, enough about him, let’s talk about food! Take it away Kevin!

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