When the old stuff is new…

Hasty Bake, if you are familiar with the company or their products this post will come of little surprise. If you aren’t familiar with them, do yourself a favor and check them out at http://www.hastybake.com. I am the proud owner of the Hasty Bake Legacy 131. This is my primary unit for all things Smoking, Baking, and Grilling.¬† Continue reading

Let’s Get This Party Started!!!

It started with an idea…

“We should start a site where we can post our pictures and recipes and stuff like that…”

– Devon

There was much rejoicing…

“Great Idea!”

– Zach

And the people cheered…

“I’m in! Let’s do it!”


And so it began….

We still aren’t quite sure what “it” is, but we’re working on it! What we do know is that we want to share, collect, and enjoy all things related to grilling, smoking, and cooking outside in general.

We hope you all enjoy it!